My Story

I led a standard life growing up. Like many of you, I did what everyone told me to do. What society said was the norm.

“Go to school.”
“Get good grades.”
“Go to Church.”
“Pray to God.”
“Chase after girls.”
“Go have fun.”
“Get a job.”
“Make some money.”

Check. Check. Check. I never had issues “getting” or “doing” all these external things. You know, what everyone said ONCE you have… you’ll be happy. But ultimate happiness always eluded me. No matter how hard I tried. No matter how many experiences I checked off the box, NOTHING was satisfying. NOTHING was fulfilling.

It was just never enough. No matter what I did.


My life turned into a task of topping high after high to try and FILL A VOID of it NEVER BEING ENOUGH. I listened to the loudest music, I lifted the heaviest weights. I went the hardest and I wanted everyone to know. More alcohol. More Drugs. More Sex. More. More. More. This inevitably led to low after low after low. My life became a downward spiral heading the worst of places. Chasing after sex, going after the highest paying job, drinking more alcohol, doing more drugs, even dealing drugs – everything cascading me to the lowest point of life.

I was out of alignment. Who I was on the inside was not who I was on the outside and this brought me immeasurable pain. I was doing everything everyone had told me to so why wasn’t this thing called Life working?

It wasn’t until I woke up in the hospital, overdosed on LSD, undergoing an existential crisis of identity that I FINALLY CRIED OUT FOR HELP.

Why does life have to be like this? What’s the point? What’s the meaning of all this? What is the truth of existence?

Ask and ye shall receive.

My desire was so strong – my questions immediately began being answered.

I received many guides on my path to Spiritual Realization.

I was initiated in the Masculine Yogic Path and trained by Yogic Monks in esoteric meditation techniques that combine the different schools of yoga. I dedicated myself to the Path of Spirituality and used LSD and DMT as sacraments to augment the evolution of my realization of reality.

And for some time, it was bliss. Through meditation, I could detach from the mind, and feel the unconditional love awakened by gratitude and by the joy arising from the oneness with all creation, which is cosmic consciousness.

Which was great… But despite this, my life fell apart.

My girlfriend left me. I hated my career. I did nothing for fun. I spent more money than I could make. Relationships annoyed me. I suffered from a negative cycle of binge-overeating. I came back from vacation 40 pounds over-weight, sick, tired and completely unhappy with life.

I felt the intense loneliness of my situation and just knew there was more in life.

I knew that there was something missing.

I knew there was a way to make it real.

So I sought out again.

I trained myself in Spiritual Literature, Law of Attraction, Biohacking, The Science of Ayurveda, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and took course after course after course. When nothing worked, I used every mainstream piece of advice. Took every mind valley academy, I did EVERYTHING. But no matter what – it was all the same.

Even when I got some “results” – it was hard to do and never satisfied me. It was difficult. It came from a place of stress. From a placing of things needing to be different than what they are.

It wasn’t until I finally solved the root of the problem and STOPPED looking – stopped SEEKING – all the answers without.

Once I learned to turn within – EVERYTHING CHANGED.

I learned that the Art of Manifestation is depends solely on your own state of being.

Your own vibration and true resonance, and that YOU ALONE are the creator of that. NO ONE ELSE.

And that’s what I help you to realize.

For you to discover your own true resonance and embody that frequency in the most fun, most enjoyable, most easy, and most BEAUTIFUL way possible.

I make it real simple. Real freaking easy. For you to realize that everything you desire…

All the answers – come from within.

Once I looked within, all my answers cascaded into resounding clarity. I could see why things didn’t work out in the past, why they did, and why every single intention I now created was manifesting faster and more easily than I could ever have predicted.
I doubled my monthly income,
I lost 40 pounds of fat,
I got promoted at my work,
new amazing relationships flooded into my life daily,
endless adventures and opportunities flow to me,
bliss and joy and love permeate my consciousness almost every single day.
Everything flows easily and effortlessly. And it all just made sense. I connected the dots between every missing piece of the manifestation puzzle. This was who I truly was. So I went deeper into it. I trained with shamans in Peru and came to even deeper levels of Divine Transcendence and realizations of reality. With integrative training, I continually receive downloads of new information to utilize, share, and teach to others who desire to express their Highest vibration, Highest Service to The World, and open up the Channel of Infinite Abundance that is our True Nature.

With a few simple shifts in realization – we can easy flip this WHOLE GAME OF LIFE into a fluid expression of who you are in the Highest Level and abundantly manifest everything we truly want.

Manifestation is your natural state. This is what we are doing all the time. And surprisingly, the easiest thing to manifest, is the highest, most amazing, most blissful, most purposeful, and absolute best version of you possible. It’s more difficult to be less than who you are. Don’t let anyone make you believe it’s the other way around.

This is why I say.

Be Your Highest Self.

Don’t change. Don’t Fix. Don’t hustle.

Life doesn’t need to be a struggle. It doesn’t need to be a stress.

Just Be.

Be Your Highest Self.

This is who you are.

Your Natural State.

Welcome Home.



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